Globe frontpage 1-2016
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It is imperative, therefore, we ensure Big Alcohol’s conflict of interest is understood to be as compelling as that of Big Tobacco and they should be excluded from these global governance arenas as is tobacco.  (GAPA Chair, Professor Sally Casswell)

The Globe: New design, new format

The Globe, the magazine of the Global Alcohol Policy Alliance, has been published with its first issue in a new format and design. The most important change is that the magazine will now be available only in a digital version.

The Globe issue number 1/2016 opens with an editorial article by the new GAPA Chair, Professor Sally Casswell (picture), titled “Transnational Alcohol Corporations are a Global Health Risk”. Those who attended the Global Alcohol Policy Conference (GAPC) in Edinburgh last October, will see that many of the articles have their contents from presentations at that conference.

Download The Globe Issue 1 2016 here.

Derek Rutherford, the former GAPA Chair from UK, continues as editor of The Globe, while the graphic design has been given a brush-up in New Zealand. From now on there will be no paper versions of The Globe. The magazine will be available in a digital version only at the web site of GAPA:

Articles in Issue 1 2016 include:

  • Transnational Alcohol Corporations are a Global Health Risk
  • Nicola Sturgeon: Scotland’s First Minister Opens GAPC15
  • Reducing the Harmful Use of Alcohol: A Global Public Health Perspective
  • Mega Trade Treaties as Obstacles to Control Policies
  • Protecting Children’s Right To Grow Up Free From Alcohol Marketing
  • “Momentum for Change: Research and Advocacy Reducing Alcohol Harm”
  • Tribute to Derek Rutherford Retiring Chair of GAPA
  • World Health Assembly Side Event Discusses Alcohol Marketing