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Alcohol and drug prevention for development agencies

Ten steps

A manual – in ten steps - for development agencies, in order to make it easier to plan and start alcohol and drug interventions by using a systematic approach

The first five steps are for defining and understanding the challenge, while the latter five are for planning interventions. We recommend the check list to be combined with other of the tools presented here at the web site.

Step 1: Defining the problem

Step 2: Deciding to do something

Step 3: Understanding the issue

Step 4: Describing the problem more in detail

Step 5: Identifying the stakeholders


Step 6: Identifying possible partners

Step 7: Defining the determinants behind the problem

Step 8: Defining strategies and interventions

Step 9: Integrating the issue

Step 10: Training of staff and partners

Download here: Ten Steps - Alcohol and Drug Prevention for Development Agencies (pdf 1,5Mb)