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Publications about alcohol drugs and development are available from several sources. WHO have sponsored some major studies. In this section we have tried to highlight some of the key books, articles, papers and presentations available. A seperate section presents publications by FORUT and its partners.

Here are som key titles for anyone interested in Alcohol, Drugs and Development. there is more information about these and other titles under the various categories in the menu.

From the World Health Organization:

Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity (Thomas Babor et al)
Oxford University Press in collaboration with The World Health Organization. 2003. ISBN 0-19-263261-2
A summary of the book may be downloaded here:
Alcohol in Developing Societies: A Public Health Approach (Robin Room et al)
Finnish Foundation for Alcohol Studies in collaboration with The World Health Organization. 2002. ISBN 92-4-159046-7. May be ordered from the WHO website.
A summary of the book may be downloaded here:
Alcohol and Public Health in 8 Developing Countries (Editors: Leanne Riley and Mac Marshall), WHO 1999.
Full report for download here:

From FORUT and our partners:

Eide, Arne H., Ibou Diallo, Ibrahima Thioub and Lajla Blom: Drug use among secondary school students in Senegal, NIS Health Services Research, SINTEF Unimed, Oslo, 1999

Dithal, Rupa et. al.: Alcohol and Drug Use in Nepal, With Reference to Children, Child Workers in Nepal Concerned Center (CWIN), Kathmandu, 2001

Dithal Rupa et. al.: Alcohol and Drug Use among Street Children in Nepal, A Study in Six Urban Centres, Child Workers in Nepal Concerned Center (CWIN), Kathmandu, 2002

Rai, Abinash, Keshab Prashad Ghimire, Pooja Shresth and Sumnima Tuladhar: Glue Sniffing among Street Children in the Kathmandu Valley, Child Workers in Nepal Concerned Centre (CWIN), Kathmandu, 2002

Baklien, Bergljot and Diyanath Samarasinghe: Alcohol and Poverty in Sri Lanka, FORUT/NIBR, Colombo, 2003

Bakke, Øystein: Alcohol: Health Risk and Development Issue, in Cholewka, P.A. and Motlagh, M.M: Health Capital and Sustainable Socioeconomic Development, CRC Press, Boca Raton, 2008

Bøås, Morten and Anne Hatløy: Alcohol and Drug Consumption in Post War Sierra Leone – an Exploration, Fafo report 496, Fafo, Oslo 2005

Midthun, Ingvar: The Promise of Youth – Concerning the Alcohol Industry and the Targeting of Young People in Developing Countries, FORUT, Gjøvik, 2006

Tuladhar, Sumnima and Raju Maharjan and Abinash Rai: Anti-alcohol Campaign and its Impact on Children A Study in Rukum, Rolpa and Salyan Districts of Nepal, CWIN, Kathmandu, 2005

Tuladhar, Sumnima et al: Impact of Advertisements of Alcohol and Tobacco on Children - A Study in Five Major Cities of Nepal, CWIN, Kathmandu, 2005.



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