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Check list for development agencies

Assessment of Alcohol and Drug Situation

A check list to assist NGOs in assessing the scope and character of alcohol and drug problems in a given situation: What is the problem, how big is it and who are affected?

This is a tool to make a systematic assessment of the alcohol and drug situation in a given country or population, by a combination of statistical data and practical experience. On some of the issues, hard data from research reports will be available, while on other issues one will have to rely on other sources of information; interviews, oral reports and experiences from the field.

The check list covers the following topics: The consequences of alcohol and drug use?

  • Which types of substances are available and are being used?
  • Which types of alcohol?
  • Distribution systems?
  • Who are the users?
  • Level of alcohol consumption?
  • Situations of use?
  • The consumption context?
  • The use-values of the substances?