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Basic reading for development workers

ADD Curriculum

A list of recommended reading for development organizations which plan to train their staff or individual resource persons. In the list you will find alternatives for those who have only half an hour to spare for the topic, as well as more comprehensive material for those who intend to dive deeper into the issue.
There is almost an unlimited number of books, research reports, articles, manuals, pamphlets etc on many aspects of the alcohol and drug problems. The specifics of alcohol and drugs as a development issue are not that well documented, but the quantity and quality of available material is steadily increasing.
For most of us, however, the problem is not that there is too little documentation. The problem is rather to choose the most relevant pieces among the many available possibilities. In the ADD Curriculum we have made some suggestions as to where to start for a person who is a newcomer to the field of alcohol, drugs and development.
You will find details on each of the publications and articles, including where they can be downloaded or ordered.