Alcohol consumption threatens progress in fighting HIV/AIDS

Research on the links between alcohol use and HIV/AIDS has increased in the past few years, and the scientific connections are becoming gradually clearer. This thematic article addresses the current knowledge base on alcohol and HIV/AIDS.

Addressing alcohol problems for improved HIV/AIDS response


STRIVE: Research on structural drivers behind the spread of HIV/AIDS

A new and promising research program on structural drivers of the HIV/AIDS epidemic has now been started under the title STRIVE. The program is highly relevant for alcohol and development discussions, as excessive drinking is one of the four drivers to be examined.

02. May 2012

PEPFAR Southern & Eastern Africa Technical Consultation

Alcohol and HIV Prevention

More than 80 participants representing fourteen countries in East and Southern Africa met in Windhoek, Namibia last month to share approaches to alcohol-related HIV prevention programs. Presentations from the meeting are available from the AIDSTAR-One web site.

11. May 2011

Promotion campaign in the US:

"Drink vodka to prevent HIV/AIDS!"

“The most hypocritical Product (Red) product yet”, says the US based Marin Institute about Belvedere Vodka. This vodka brand is now promoted with the objective to "empower global consumers to help eliminate HIV/AIDS with (BELVEDERE)RED Special Edition."

11. April 2011

Say South African health experts:

Global Fund SAB tie is extremely problematic

South African Breweries and the Global Fund has formalised a partnership to fight against HIV and AIDS. "This arrangement is extremely problematic and is in our view, completely unacceptable" say health experts pointing to conflict of interest, lack of evidence base and questionable quality of programme.

21. March 2011
AIDS and Behavior front page

Special Issue of AIDS and Behavior:

Current issues in Alcohol use and HIV research and prevention in India

A recent supplemental of the journal AIDS and Behavior is a collection of recent work by Indian researchers and Indo-U.S. partnerships, examining the intersection of alcohol and HIV in India.

20. October 2010

Alcohol: the forgotten drug in HIV/AIDS

In a comment in The Lancet, August 7, three researchers point out that alcohol has long been recognised as an important contributor to illness and injury, accounting for 4% of the global burden of disease. Yet alcohol remains conspicuously absent from the larger field of research and programming in HIV and substance use.

25. August 2010

CRISA conference in Nigeria

Alcohol, Drugs and HIV/AIDS in Africa

The African Centre for Research and Information on Substance Abuse (CRISA) has announced that its International Conference on “Drugs and Society in Africa” will take place in Abuja, Nigeria, in August 2010. The conference will focus on the role of alcohol and other drug use in the HIV/AIDS epidemics in different African societies.

09. March 2010

New study shows:

Infectious diseases have alcohol link

A new study establishes a causal link between alcohol use and the risk of contracting TB and pneumonia, as well as influence from alcohol use on the progression of TB and HIV.

09. December 2009

Scientific review of linkages between alcohol, TB and HIV/AIDS

An international group of experts have concluded on the current knowledge base on possible linkages between alcohol and infectious diseases like tuberculoses and HIV/AIDS. Their conclusions are now summarized in an editorial in the international scientific journal Addiction.

09. February 2009
Ian Khama Botswana 140p

Botswana's President: Alcohol a great obstacle to HIV/AIDS prevention

“The continued abuse of alcohol is one of the greatest obstacles to Botswana’s Vision 2016 ideal of an HIV free nation by 2016”. This was said by President Ian Khama speaking at a World Aids Day commemoration in of Botswana.

15. December 2008