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Promotion campaign in the US:

"Drink vodka to prevent HIV/AIDS!"

“The most hypocritical Product (Red) product yet”, says the US based Marin Institute about Belvedere Vodka. This vodka brand is now promoted with the objective to "empower global consumers to help eliminate HIV/AIDS with (BELVEDERE)RED Special Edition."

The idea behind the promotion campaign is that if you drink this particular vodka brand, half of the company’s profit will be given to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa. The money will be used to support the Global Fund and their Africa programs. The producers Product (Red) have engaged the world famous singer Usher to be the front man for their campaign.

The Marin Institute, which is an American industry watchdog, lists on their website a number of reasons why promoting alcohol use to prevent HIV/AIDS is not a very bright idea. They conclude by stating: “If Usher and Product (Red) really wanted to help eliminate HIV/AIDS in Africa, they would counteract the oversaturation of alcohol advertising, rather than promoting it. Instead, it seems that Belvedere and its parent company, Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH) are targeting the populations at highest risk of HIV, to increase sales and consumption of a product that increases both the risk of contracting HIV and the progression of HIV/AIDS disease.”

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