Alcohol consumption threatens progress in fighting HIV/AIDS

Research on the links between alcohol use and HIV/AIDS has increased in the past few years, and the scientific connections are becoming gradually clearer. This thematic article addresses the current knowledge base on alcohol and HIV/AIDS.

Addressing alcohol problems for improved HIV/AIDS response

Olivier van Beemen 800p

New book documents Heineken marketing malpractices:

Beer girls are used to promote beer drinking in Africa

Heineken uses so-called beer girls to promote the sales of its beer in ten African countries. A number of them are harassed during their work, have to sleep with managers and prostitute themselves to customers. This is documented in a newly published book by the Dutch journalist Olivier van Beemen.

05. April 2018
Heinekenflaske fra nettet

Global Fund Suspends Partnership with Heineken

The Global Fund has suspended its partnership with the beer company Heineken. “It is based on recent reports of the company’s use of female beer promoters in ways that expose them to sexual exploitation and health risks”, explains the Fund in a brief press statement.

04. April 2018

Norway objects to Global Fund-Heineken deal

Norwegian board member, Jon Lomøy, in the Global Fund states that Norway cannot support the recently announced partnership between the Fund and Heineken. The statement follows a joint open letter to the Global Fund urging it to end the Heineken deal.

06. February 2018

Public health advocates urge Global Fund to end Heineken partnership

Concerned over a new partnership between the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria and Heineken, three public health networks have recently sent an open joint letter to the Global Fund. They point out the dangers inherent in partnerships with the producers and marketers of hazardous products such as alcohol.

05. February 2018
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Alcohol Policy Forum for NGOs in Southern Africa:

Alcohol policy will impact HIV/AIDS epidemic

Alcohol plays a role in numerous stages of HIV disease from disease acquisition to health seeking behaviours to ART adherence to disease outcomes. Alcohol policy can impact on the HIV epidemic, said Dr. Neo K. Morojele at NGO forum in Botswana.

11. December 2014
Front Page Alcohol and HIV-AIDS 200p

Thematic paper from FORUT:

Alcohol and HIV/AIDS

There is a growing body of evidence on the linkages between harmful use of alcohol and the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Addressing alcohol use as a risk factor may enhance the results of both new and already existing HIV/AIDS programmes. The FORUT booklet “Alcohol and HIV/AIDS” present the current knowledge base and suggests how governments and NGOs can integrate alcohol and HIV prevention.

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Addressing alcohol problems for improved HIV/AIDS response

The pervasive HIV/AIDS epidemic presents a major challenge to poverty eradication and development in many low- and middle-income countries. Although progress has been made in combating the disease, many challenges remain. Addressing the impact of alcohol consumption in those countries will help meet some of them. 

Tanzania plastic sachets 160p

Plastic sachets with liquor a public health problem in Tanzania

Tanzania has experienced the same increasing problem with hard liquor sold in plastic sachets as a number of other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Tanzanian situation was presented by Dr Gerry Mshana in a STRIVE Learning Lab recently. Dr. Mshana focused on the effect of macro-economic factors such as pricing and packaging on alcohol drinking norms among young people.

26. February 2014
AIDS by the numbers - A5 brochure

"AIDS in numbers":

New figures confirm global progress

Remarkable progress has been made over the last decade—yet significant challenges remain. This is the conclusion UNAIDS draws from the latest statistics over the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Their new report “AIDS by the numbers” says that there has been a reduction of 33% in new HIV infections since 2001.

17. February 2014
MRC Alcohol and HIV

South Africa Medical Research Concil policy brief:

Alcohol and HIV/AIDS links reviewed

The South African Medical Research Council has published a policy brief: "Review of research on alcohol and HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa". The purpose is to provide recommendations on how to mitigate the effects of alcohol consumption on the acquisition and progression of HIV disease among people in the region.

07. January 2014