MRC Alcohol and HIV
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Given alcohol’s association with sexual risk behaviour and HIV infection, HIV prevention interventions should seek to reduce alcohol consumption while also enhancing protective behaviours such as consistent condom use.

South Africa Medical Research Concil policy brief:

Alcohol and HIV/AIDS links reviewed

The South African Medical Research Council has published a policy brief: "Review of research on alcohol and HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa". The purpose is to provide recommendations on how to mitigate the effects of alcohol consumption on the acquisition and progression of HIV disease among people in the region.

More than fifty research papers studying the links between alcohol use and HIV/AIDS in the region were reviewed. Overall, the studies found significant positive associations between alcohol consumption and sexual risk behaviour and HIV infection related to engaging in sex, going to testing, seeking an initiating ART services and masculine gender roles. Other aspects are also studied, such as alcohol and HIV Risk Reduction Interventions.

The paper concludes by giving recommendations for HIV prevention as well as treatment, care and support. The authors also outline topics for futher research.