WHO EU report, front cover
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New reports from WHO Regional Office for Europe

On marketing, pricing and labelling of alcohol and the Russian experience

Four recent reports from WHO Regional Office for Europe analyse and highlight the importance of good policies in preventing harm from alcohol use. All four can be downloaded here or from the World Health Organisation Regional Office of Europe.

"Alcohol marketing in the WHO European Region" (2020) is an analysis of the current state of regulation concerning marketing of alcoholic beverages in Europe in light of the documented correlation between exposure to alcohol advertising and drinking habits. The report takes into account the increasingly important role that online platforms have had in advertising the recent years, and gives an account of online formats used for alcohol marketing and how they can be said to challenge regulation, control and monitoring of alcohol.

"Alcohol pricing in the WHO European Region" (2020) is written to inform governments and implementers, and sheds light on challenges to effective pricing policies in addition to recommending policy actions. The report documents how increasing the prices that consumers pay for alcohol is one of the best ways to reduce consumption and harm from alcohol use, and reviews different pricing policies; especially taxation and minimum unit pricing.   

"The effects of alcohol control measures on mortality and life expectancy in the Russian Federation" (2019) is a study of the effects of alcohol control measures on mortality and life expectancy in the Russian Federation since the introduction of various evidence-based control measures at the begionning of the 2000s. There are important lessons to be learned from the Russian experience.

The WHO report "What is the current alcohol labelling practice in the WHO European Region and what are barriers and facilitators to development and implementation of alcohol labelling policy?" synthesizes evidence on alcohol labelling practices in Europe and aims to describe factors affecting implementation.