Tanzania / Naturalization of 1972 Burundian refugees / Photo story on Ogeste Gelavasi for the High Commissioner

Substance use in conflict and disaster situations

The UN High Commissioner on Refugees and the World Health Organization have produced a field guide for how to address alcohol and drug problems in populations affected by disaster or conflict.(Photo: UNHCR/B.Bannon)

26. January 2009
Alcohol discussion in committee A of WHA61 2008

World Health Organization to develop a global strategy to reduce alcohol related harm

In its session Thursday 22 May the World Health Assembly adopted a resolution that calls for the development of a global strategy to reduce harmful consumption of alcohol. The Global Alcohol Policy Alliance welcomes the decision.

22. May 2008

International expert meeting: Alcohol research must be protected from industry influence

To protect the integrity and legitimacy of alcohol research, there should be no funding relationship between the alcohol industry and the research community. This was the conclusion from an expert meeting in Dublin, 15-16 May, where experiences with the industry from Europe, the US and the South were presented.

19. May 2008
Forside Strategies 120p

Book: ”Strategies to Address Alcohol Problems”

Professor Diyanath Samarasinghe, Sri Lanka, and FORUT has written the book ”Strategies to Address Alcohol Problems”. The book is a tool to achieve better results in alcohol prevention highly relevant in developing countries, as well as countries with a Western drinking culture and political tradition.

FORUT Approach to Alcohol and Drug Prevention

A brief presentation of important strategic aspects in the planning of alcohol and drug prevention.

Alcohol, Drugs and Development Strategy

FORUT, Campaign for Development and Solidarity, is a Norwegian NGO in the field of development aid. Since 1981 FORUT has been involved in development assistance in Africa and Asia. FORUT has a special emphasis on alcohol and drugs as a cause of poverty and hindrance to development.