Alcohol and gender

Generally, throughout the world, men consume more alcohol and cause more problems related to that drinking than women.  Studies from around the globe reveal that intimate partner violence and alcohol are often intricately related problems. Nonetheless, there’s little evidence of a causative relationship between the two and the nature of the association is complex.  This observation is the starting point of the booklet “Cheers to the Family,” which addresses intimate partner violence and alcohol issues.

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WHO report:

Changing men's behaviour can improve women's health

By innovative and well designed programs it is possible to involve men in changing sexist, risky and violent behaviour. This is the conclusion of a WHO report which has reviewed 58 programs aimed at engaging men in changing male identity and behaviour.

21. January 2008
Front page WHO Gender and alcohol in Latin America

Alcohol and Gender in Latin America

On the World Bank Group homepage there is an article on a report concerning gender and alcohol consumption in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is also possible to down-load the full report from the website.

25. April 2007

Gender and substance abuse

There are numerous gender perspectives on alcohol and drug use and problems related to such use. Over time we will collect documentation on the various perspectives here at this web site, both scientific research, experiences from the field and examples of interesting projects and interventions.