Alcohol and drug problems

For many, consuming alcohol may seem an easy way to cope with everyday problems.   That view is certainly reinforced by images in alcohol promotions that hammer home the notion that alcohol offers a taste of luxury, recreation, and entrée into a world free of everyday worries.   Not so apparent are the myriad health and other problems created by alcohol use that impose additional burdens on poor people, generate substantial problems for society, and become onerous stumbling blocks for development. 

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160 Swedish CSOs recognize alcohol as a hindrance to development

The Swedish NGO umbrella organisation “Forum Syd” has adopted a policy document which points at alcohol as a hindrance to development and a factor which can obstruct work for rights and poverty reduction. 160 NGOs are members of Forum Syd

02. September 2013

Global Burden of Disease figures show: Alcohol grows as risk factor for death and disability (corrected version)

Alcohol is the leading risk factor for death and disability in Southern sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe and in parts of Latin America. This is one of the conclusions from a new calculation of the Global Burden of Disease. The new study is based on figures from 2010 and these figures are compared to a similar study from 1990.

14. August 2013
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Alcohol and improved health:

Premature to conclude that there is a causal relationship

Media regularly quote reports on possible linkages between moderate alcohol consumption and improved health. Dr. Hans Olav Fekjær has reviewed the evidence in a new article in Addiction. – It would be premature to conclude that there is a causal relationship.

08. April 2013

Edmonton, Canada, 23 - 25 September 2013

Conference on the prevention of FASD

The first international conference on prevention of FASD will take place in Edmonton, Canada, 23-25 September 2013. The conference will discuss promising approaches for preventing harm to the fetus caused by mother’s use of alcohol during pregnancy.

08. April 2013

GAPA submission in Health in the post 2015 Development Agenda

Alcohol: a key determinant for ill health and an obstacle to development

In the development goals that will follow the Millennium Development Goals alcohol needs to be addressed, says the Global Alcoholhol Policy Alliance. This is the topic of a paper contributed to the consultation by WHO and UNICEF on Health in the Post-2015 Development Agenda.

16. January 2013
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The Overlooked Obstacles for Achieving Millenium Development Goals

- At least five of the Millennium Development Goals are clearly affected by alcohol harm. The success of achieving them also depends on how alcohol’s role is addressed,” says Pubudu Sumanasekara in IOGT International on the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

18. October 2012

New web site on alcohol and cancer

Experts have known since 1987 that alcohol can cause cancer, but the connection between the two is often unknown or ignored, both by the general public and by health professionals and NGOs. To compensate for this Eurocare and the Association of European Cancer Leagues have now launched a web resource on alcohol as a risk factor for cancer.

See the new web site here.

26. September 2012
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World Drug Report 2012

The World Drug Report provides an overview of recent trends and the drug situation in terms of production, trafficking and consumption of illegal drugs. The 2012 edition concludes with both stability and worrying trends in the global drug scene.

26. September 2012

New report on intimate partner violence and alcohol use

A new evidence overview points at excessive alcohol consumption as one the key drivers behind intimate partner violence. The report is written by senior lecturer Lori Heise at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

02. May 2012

African women are non-drinkers

81 per cent of African women report themselves to be non-drinkers, says data from the World Health Surveys. This is an important fact to take into account in planning of alcohol prevention strategies and policies.

05. December 2011