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Contributions to WHO strategy process are now published

Input from NGOs, alcohol industry and other institutions to the WHO process towards a Global Strategy are now available at the WHO web site.

Dag Endal

Last year the World Health Organization (WHO) invited to a public hearing process as part of the process leading up to the possible adoption by the World Health Assembly 2010 of a Global Strategy to reduce alcohol-related harm. All types of stakeholder where asked to identify effective strategies to reduce such harm and also to present how stakeholders themselves would like to contribute to a Global Strategy.

The result of this hearing is now available at the WHO web site. In total 340 contributions were sent in by individuals, civil society groups, WHO Member States and government institutions, academic and research institutions, economic operators and other interested parties. Both the summaries and all contributions in full text can be downloaded here at the WHO web site.

Following this open hearing the WHO secretariat also has conducted two consultation meetings with a more targeted audience. The first was a roundtable meeting with economic operators on the 6 November and the second was a roundtable with NGOs and health professionals on 24-25 November 2008. Reports from these two meetings are also available here for download from the WHO web site. The reports give interesting insights into the approach and priorities of the drinks industry and NGOs respectively.

The second step of the WHO consultation process has now started; a round of regional consultations meetings with the Member States of WHO. The two first meetings, in Bangkok and Brazzaville for South East Asia and Africa respectively, are already completed. The next meeting, in Auckland, New Zealand, for the Western Pacific Region is scheduled for 24-26 March. The discussion paper for these meetings, produced by the WHO secretariat, can be downloaded here.



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