Swedish Radio examines an emerging alcohol market - in the third world

Two journalists of the Swedish radio documentary "Kaliber" visited Malawi and filed a report about those who experience the alcohol problems first hand, and the industry representative that think there is no alochol problem in the country.

11. June 2009
Professor Thomas Babor Sri L 2006[1]

Professor Thomas Babor: Effective and Evidence-base Interventions to reduce Alcohol-related Harm

A video presentation of the WHO sponsored report “Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity” by Professor Thomas Babor can be studied here.

26. January 2009

Alcohol and HIV/AIDS - possible connections

Alcohol use and drunken behaviour is neither acknowledged nor well documented as a contributing factor to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. This situation is now gradually changing. An increasing amount of research is being conducted on HIV/AIDS and alcohol, and the connections between the two are coming gradually clearer also from a scientific perspective.

21. January 2008

New study on alcohol's role in chronic poverty in Uganda

Drinking into deeper poverty

An on-going study by the Development Research And Training in Uganda and the International Chronic Poverty Research Centre is exploring the links between excessive alcohol consumption and poverty. A first result is a Policy Brief aimed for a cross-section of development practitioners and policy makers.

26. November 2007
UNODC front page annual report 2007 120p

A chequered year for drug control

2006 was a mixed year for international drug control, with both good and bad news. This is the conclusion of UNODC – The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime – in their Annual Report 2007, which covers activities in 2006.

16. May 2007

World Health Assembly set to discuss alcohol

The Health ministers from all over the world will discuss the health burden of alcohol in the forthcoming World Health Assembly to be held in Geneva 14-23 May. This is the follow up of the WHA resolution 58.26 Public health problems caused by harmful use of alcohol, from 2005, the first WHA resolution exclusively on alcohol since 1983. The documents for the alcohol issue are now available on the WHO site.

25. April 2007
Front page Babor 120p

Alcohol: No ordinary commodity

The summary of the book by Thomas Babor and a team of researchers, Alcohol: No ordinary Commodity; research and public policy is now available for free on the web site of the journal Addiction. Comments to the various chapters of the book can also be downloaded from the site.
02. March 2007

EU Process leads to alcohol strategy

Based two reports and an extensive consultation process the European Commission on October 24 adopted a Communication setting out a strategy to support Member States in reducing alcohol-related harm.

28. October 2006

FORUT contributes in WHO online survey

In September WHO asked NGOs and other stakeholders to contribute their views on two questions related to alcohol and public health: 1) The magnitude of health related problems related to alcohol consumption and 2) Effective interventions to reduce health problems related to alcohol consumption. Read FORUTs contribution here.

04. October 2006

Brazil's New Closing Time

Tima Magazine report on how one city's decision to shut down bars before midnight has served as a model for cutting crime and alcoholism in a nation plagued by both.

01. June 2006